Happy National Cupcake Week!

National Cupcake Week 2018 runs from 18th – 24th September and is the perfect excuse to celebrate all things sweet! Everyday is cupcake day for the bakers at HLC, but here’s a look back at our favourite bakes over the last 8 years:

Macaroon Cupcake


We created this indulgent little treat for our French Collection in 2016. It features a chocolate sponge, raspberry coulis filling, almond buttercream and a French macaroon and handmade chocolate decoration.

Red Velvet Salted Caramel Cupcake


Our Red Velvet Salted Caramel Cupcake was included in our Ultimate Collection, back in 2015. It combines two amazing flavours – our signature red velvet cupcake with an indulgent salted caramel drizzle.

The Unicorn Cupcake


If only we could live in a world of cupcakes and unicorns… oh wait we do! In April 2018, HLC released the Unicorn Collection and due to popular demand, we still sell these cupcakes at our Selfridges intu Trafford concession today!

Mr. Potato Head DIY Cupcake


In 2012, we tried something a little different by giving you everything you need to create your OWN Mr. Potato Head Cupcake!

The Selfie Cupcake


Why take a Selfie when you can take away a Selfie cupcake! In 2014 we came up with this idea and it has been a popular choice with customers ever since!

La Paris Cupcake


This was the very first cupcake to be created by HLC’s owner and director Sarah, in 2011 and was inspired by her love for the romantic city.

Minion Cupcakes


These hand crafted sugarpaste figurines were cleverly created for the release of the film, Despicable Me in 2013.

Rose Gold Cupcake


We love to follow fashion trends and turn them into cakes, which is why we couldn’t resist creating this rose gold coloured cupcake in 2017.

What will you be baking this week? Tag us in your bakes on Twitter and Instagram using #heylittlecupcake! You’ll find links to our accounts in the menu bar.

If you’d like to place an order, please visit our website and fill in the online order form, call us on 0161 832 0260 or bob over to either our Spinningfields shop or Selfridges Trafford concession and chat to one of our lovely staff! 


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